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Green Savings and Grants Galore

August 3, 2018 Comments Off on Green Savings and Grants Galore

Did you know that about a third of your home’s energy is being wasted? By insulating your home properly and changing little habits you can stop wasting energy and start saving money. The initial costs may be steep but if you work out the savings you’ll make in the long run, they are worth the investment.

Are you eligible for a grant?

Government agencies are giving away money to help you create a more efficient home. The truth is it’s impractical for us to continue spending the way we do at the moment, for economic and environmental reasons.

There are loads of grants out there – the best way to get started is to visit the Energy Saving Trust for a guide to grant applications. This website allows you to calculate how much money you could save by insulating your home. It also provides information on how much insulation will cost you and also tells you what grants you are eligible for.

Using the Energy Saving Trust’s amazing calculating checklist gets you a detailed listing of your current carbon emission imprint, but it also lists the measures and associated costs with making any efficiency switches so you can see how much it will cost initially to make long term savings.

Types of grant

Energy efficiency schemes are available throughout the UK under different names. In England the scheme is known as ‘Warm Front’; in Northern Ireland as ‘Warm Homes’ and the ‘Home Energy Efficiency Scheme’ in Wales. Look out for either the ‘Warm Deal’ or the ‘Central Heating Programme’ in Scotland.

If you aren’t over 65 or do not claim any benefits you may not find many grants available for you. However, there are still loads of subsidised prices aimed at helping with the upfront costs of making your home more efficient, which can still save you money on the initial cost of work and in the long term through efficiency savings.

Energy Supplier grants

The Government’s new Carbon Emission Reduction Target initiative means that energy suppliers have to offer ways of cutting costs to clients who are looking to employ energy efficient measures. Contact British Gas, EDF Energy, or Affordable Energy for information.

Local Authority grants

For a list of local councils offering grants visit the government website DirectGov. Most councils offer grants and subsidies for residents looking to make energy efficiency improvements – if you think you qualify it’s definitely worth investigating.

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